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Ward 19

St Margaret's Hospital has 18 Wards.

And one extra one that no one wants to visit.

Ward 19.

The mortuary.

But when horribly dissected corpses starting appearing on the hospital grounds, it is about to get very crowded.

The CID coroner Parva Corcoran must work out why the hospital's own staff - dedicated to saving lives - are being targeted by a serial killer who shows no mercy? And why the bodies have been horribly mutilated?

As she starts to uncover the horrifying truth of Ward 19, her own professional past is called into question. And as she digs into the toughest case of her career, the reality is far worse than anything she could have imagined.

'Ward 19' is a gripping suspense thriller, featuring coroner Parva Corcoran, a coroner with a mysterious past, and a character who is as memorable as she is smart

It is perfect for fans of Patricia Cornwell, Karen Rose, and Neil White.

'Serial killers don't come any more twisted than this. An enjoyably dark suspense thriller.' - Scott Griffin, best-selling author of 'The Donor' and 'The Nightwatchman'.

Now available from Endeavour Press via digital download through Amazon

Reviews and Comments

There's no such word as proberty of course, but there should be. John Llewellyn Probert has carved out a niche for himself in contemporary horror writing that surely makes him worthy of his own adjective. Ward 19 is the latest offering from the master of the finely crafted horror story and is another thoroughly enjoyable trip to the darkside.

From a review at the Dark Musings website

This is a very good read, full of classic Probert flair.  Not content with being a first class horror author, John L Probert has now turned his pen to the pulp crime genre. Ward 19 is a excellent and thrilling novellette length story.

From a review at Ginger Nuts of Horror

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