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The Pact

Now available from Endeavour Press via digital download through Amazon.

Four girls have been found dead at an exclusive private secondary school. 

The police report says ‘death by misadventure’, but the circumstances are suspicious. 

They were all happy, normal teenagers, with plenty to look forward to. 

So why would they have engaged in a suicide pact? 

Parva Corcoran is sent to investigate, under the guise of replacing the school’s biology teacher. 

As she gets to know the staff and pupils she is faced with a barrage of questions. 

Why would anyone want to murder four teenage girls?

Was the killer trying to silence them? 

Was something being covered up? 

As Parva gets closer the truth, she begins to believe her own life is in danger… 

Can she solve the mystery? 

Or will she become part of the deadly pact…? 

‘Suicide Blondes’ is a gripping suspense thriller, featuring Parva Corcoran, a coroner with a mysterious past, and a character who is as memorable as she is smart. 

It is perfect for fans of Patricia Cornwell, Karen Rose, and Neil White. 

Praise for the Parva Corcoran series: 

'Serial killers don't come any more twisted than this. An enjoyably dark suspense thriller.' - Scott Griffin, best-selling author of 'The Donor’. 

'A chilling and memorable thriller.' - Robert Foster, best-selling author of the 'The Lunar Code'. 

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