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The Faculty of Terror

Winner of the Children of the Night Award 2006 for best work of gothic literature

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  • Introduction by Paul Finch
  • An Author’s Warning to the Curious
  • Prologue
  • Overtime
  • Faculty Interlude Number One
  • Asphyx in Glass
  • Faculty Interlude Number Two
  • A Family Affair
  • Faculty Interlude Number Three
  • Set in Stone
  • Faculty Interlude Number Four
  • The States of the Art
  • Faculty Interlude Number Five
  • The Kreutzenberg Sonata
  • Finale
  • About the Author
  • Author Interview
  • Story Notes

Reviews & Comments

Two Honourable Mentions in Ellen Datlow's 'Year's Best Horror' series for:

The States of the Art

The Kreutzenberg Sonata

I read THE FACULTY OF TERROR fast and with much enjoyment. Liked the second, fourth and sixth stories best, especially the last – but they are all trumped by the superb framework story. 
Joel Lane
Author of ‘The Lost District’ & ‘The Earth Wire’

John Probert's collection was right up my proverbial haunted street. It reminded me a lot of those old Ronald Chetwynd-Hayes collections (cf "The Monster Club"). I particularly liked the story set in the cottage with the weird wall-painting.  It's brilliant to see an updated revival of the values and techniques of classic British horror. (The) collection really was first class stuff, and I only wish Amicus were still around so they could film the episodes!  It was great. I hope John writes a few more books in this portmanteau vein

Mark Samuels
Author of ‘The White Hands & Other Weird Tales’

The book is a genuine pleasure, a treasure trove of entertaining - yet pleasingly nasty - horror stories. I read the entire book with a smile on my face and a chill in my bones. Excellent stuff - any fan of writers like Robert Bloch will love this. It's the type of fun/nasty/literate horror that few people bother to write any more.

Gary McMahon
Author of ‘Rough Cut’ & ‘Dirty Prayers’

Faculty of Terror is exactly what it says on the packaging. The author is not joking when he states you’ll take a diploma in fear. The book comprises six interlinked stories held together by one larger piece which doesn’t disappoint in its conclusion. John is a master of terror; his eloquent prose providing a rollercoaster journey and an education in the art of fear.

Alison LR Davies
From a forthcoming review in ‘Prism’ magazine

This one is fun. John L. Probert writes with some of the same warped humour as the late Robert Bloch. Each of these tales is effective and provokes either shivers of fear, or repulsion - there is some very effective nastiness to be found here.

Sean Parker
From ‘The Zone’ Review

What a treat to read a collection of grisly tales such as these, traditionally told with expertise. Each tale is really well crafted and the connecting thread running through the book holds everything firmly together, ending with a wicked little twist which every good collection should have. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Berni Stevens
From ‘Voices from the Vaults’ Review

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