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The Bloodstained Balcony

(Columns published on the This Is Horror website December 2011 - Present)

The Tracks of My Fears: Confessions of a Horror Movie Music Collector

Praying for a Good Review

Truly Terrible Horror Cinema

All the Fun of the Festival

Hands Up Who Likes Hostel?

The Rapid Decline of Monster Movies (and Can Dirty Harry Save World Hunger?)

Spawn of Jaws: The Great Shark Movie Rip-Offs

Quoth Movie Versions of The Raven Evermore?

Never Sleep Again - Elm Street Memories

All the Fun of FrightFest 2012

Examining the Basket Case Trilogy

Profondo Probert

(Six Columns Published in Prism Magazine 2010 - 2011)

1 - The Hunchback of the Morgue

2 - The Reincarnation of Isabel / Asylum Erotica

3 - The Cell 2

4 - Psychomania

5 - Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Friday the 13th

6 - What's in a Movie Title?

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