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Good evening. 

Take a seat. 

Make yourself comfortable.

And prepare for a long night of the very darkest terrors
Fear not, however, for this time the author himself will be on hand to help guide you through the tales of horror that lurk within this volume. Stories like:

“Made for the Dark”

Back in the 1970s, when most little boys were busy dreaming of being an astronaut or a train driver, John Llewellyn Probert wanted to be Rod Serling or Roald Dahl, introducing a different tale of terror on television every week. Now, in his first collection in seven years, Mr Probert gets to achieve that lifelong ambition in prose form, as he acts as host to both previously uncollected tales and brand new horrors. He sincerely hopes his dreams won’t give you nightmares. Well, not so many that you’ll stop coming back for more...

Blood and Dust

“I watched in horror as, piece by piece, the torn remnants of the slaughtered men began to join themselves together.”

The Man Who Loved Grief

“Many years ago, there lived a girl who was the recipient of the grief of all mankind”

Girlfriend School

“Alice took in each mummified corpse, its skin blackened, its hair clinging in sparse lumps to what was left of its scalp.”

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Made For the Dark

Available now in a limited hardcover edition from Black Shuck Books here

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