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Dead Shift

Nobody Likes Going to Hospital

They thought the old man was harmless. Just another tramp found collapsed on a disused housing estate. At Northcote Hospital they put him in a bed and let him keep the strange old book he insisted on clutching, the one that had the power to open the gulf between this dimension and the one where hellish monstrosities lurked.

Nobody Likes Having to Stay In

Three friends working through the night at Northcote Hospital are about to experience the worst shift of their lives, trapped inside the building as creatures undreamed of in their worst nightmares begin to crawl from the walls in a bid to make the place their own. 

And Nobody Wants to Die There

Soon everyone and everything in Northcote Hospital will be changed. Will anyone be able to stop the evil worming its way through the building?  Or will the horror escape to infect the planet?

John Llewellyn Probertís 

Dead Shift

Where the worst thing in this world is nothing compared to 
whatís lurking just outside it

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