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Bloody Angels

Now available from Endeavour Press via digital download through Amazon

Across Bristol, there are a series of brutal murders.

Each one is more horrific than the last.

And each has one thing in common.

Messages are scrawled in blood next to the bodies -- messages that refer to passages in The Bible.

It is the most baffling case of Parva Cororan's career.

Is the killer a twisted religious fanatic?

Or is something even more sinister?

The murders coincide with the upcoming visit of a high-ranking Cardinal. Is the murderer trying to prove something to the Catholic church? CID Parva Cororan must work out why the killer is picking his targets....and who will be next.

What do the messages mean? And how is the murderer connected to the Catholic faith?

As she starts to uncover the horrifying truth behind the killings, Parva begins to question everyone she comes into contact with. And as she digs into the toughest case of her career, the reality is far worse than anything she could have imagined.

'Bloody Angels' is a gripping suspense thriller, featuring Parva Corcoran, a coroner with a mysterious past, and a character who is as memorable as she is smart.

It is perfect for fans of Patricia Cornwell, Karen Rose, and Neil White.

'Serial killers don't come any more twisted than this. An enjoyably dark suspense thriller.' - Scott Griffin, best-selling author of 'The Donor' and 'The Nightwatchman'.

'A chilling and memorable thriller.' - Robert Foster, best-selling author of the 'The Lunar Code'.

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