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Short Story Publication Index

All of my short stories that have seen print are listed here in order of date of publication, with the most recent first. I have included website addresses where possible to make it easier for anyone who wants to check if a particular title is still available.


Forgive Us Not Our Trespasses


The Life Inspector

The Lucky ones

The Three Messiahs

Learning the Language

The Girl With No Face


Screams In The Dark
Case Conferences 1-4
A Little Piece of Sanity

The Best Christmas Ever

What Others Hear

The Devil in the Details

The Secondary Host

A Life on the Stage

Out of Fashion

The Anatomy of Death


The Mezzotaint

The Ghosts and Scholars Book of Shadows

Christenings Can be Dangerous

The Screaming Book of Horror

ZZ Experiment Camp

Zombie Apocalypse! Fightback

The Anatomy Lesson

The Ninth Black Book of Horror

A Taste of Honey, A Horror of Stone

Terror Tales of the Cotswolds


How the Other Half Dies

The Eighth Black Book of Horror

Scattered Ashes

Death Rattles


It Begins at Home

The Seventh Black Book of Horror

Ring Around the Roses

Zombie Apocalypse

The Girl in the Glass

The End of the Line

Six of the Best

The Sixth Black Book of Horror



De Vermis Infestis

The Fifth Black Book of Horror

Two for Dinner

The Fifth Black Book of Horror



John & Jenny and the Lump

The Third Black Book of Horror                                                                               

Recipe for Disaster

Bound for Evil Anthology

In Sickness And…

The Second Black Book of Horror



Last Christmas

The Gray Friar Christmas Book 2007

Guided Tour

Supernatural Tales 12

Size Matters

The Black Book of Horror

In the Dining Hall of the Damned

Lighthouse VII

The Brook

At Ease With the Dead Anthology

Between the Pipes

All Hallows 42




The Faculty of Terror

Asphyx in Glass

The Faculty of Terror

A Family Affair

The Faculty of Terror

Set in Stone

The Faculty of Terror

The States of the Art

The Faculty of Terror

The Kreutzenberg Sonata

The Faculty of Terror

The Comeback Kid

When Graveyards Yawn Anthology

Horror in the Heavens

Lighthouse Number 6

Special Offer

Read by Dawn Volume 1

The Giant Tropical Fresh Fruit Invasion of Old London Town

SciFantastic Issue 4

Born in the Valley

Nocturne Issue 2

Your Help Needed Urgently!

Fusing Horizons Issue 5

Get A Life

Fusing Horizons Issue 5

Nefarious Assortment

Goremet Cuisine Anthology


All is Safely Gathered In

Lunar Harvest Anthology

Best Man’s Speech

Horror Express Issue 5

The Volkendorf Exhibition

Poe’s Progeny Anthology

A Matter of Urgency

Trip the Light Horrific Anthology

A Fear of Fitness

Here & Now Issue 5&6

The Moving Image

Supernatural Tales Issue 9


Keeping it in the Family

Here & Now Issue 4

The Ossuary

Dark Horizons Issue 46

Bloodsucking in Berkshire

Maelstrom Volume 1

A Week in the Life of Self Pity

Fusing Horizons Issue 4

Taking Over

Fusing Horizons Issue 3

The Sacristy

Supernatural Tales Issue 7

The Egg

Fusing Horizons Issue 2



Dark Horizons Issue 44

Bother at the Belfry

Thriller UK Issue 16


Fusing Horizons Issue 1


The Trendelenberg Concerto 

Here & Now Issue 2

Built By Beework