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Below are links to the websites of just a few of the writers and publishers currently working in the genre who have produced work I greatly admire. It is by no means meant to be exhaustive, and each of them will have their own far more comprehensive links sections for those wishing to seek out more genre-themed fiction.


Thana Niveau - Mrs Probert and a fine writer of the macabre and disconcertingly horrific

Ramsey Campbell – Britain’s most respected living horror writer.

Gary Fry – Author of intensely disturbing psychological horror stories. Don’t let him inside your head

Gary McMahon – The chronicler of the weak and the wounded. Just don’t let him inside.

Tim Lebbon –  Lives near my home town of Abergavenny, which I am sure has very little to do with the fact that he writes some of the finest bleak fiction around.

Simon Strantzas – Author of many fine short stories and the excellent collections 'Cold to the Touch' from Tartarus and 'Beneath the Surface' from the late Humdrumming.

Alison L R Davies – Fine author of  bleak fiction, editor of ‘Shrouded by Darkness’ – one of the best British anthologies of recent years, and a very fine storyteller.

Paul Finch - Splendid author of horror often rooted in British folklore, screenwriter and all-round very decent chap indeed. His short story collections are amongst some of the best I have read


Atomic Fez

Gray Friar Press

Ash-Tree Press

Screaming Dreams

Mortbury Press

Dead Letter Press

Supernatural Tales



Tales From the Black Abyss - literary review site that's covered two of my books so far and a wealth of other stuff as well

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