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"Horror is lucky to have him"
Ramsey Campbell
"Horrific and charming in equal measure"
Ellen Datlow
"Gruesome, unsettling and often unnervingly funny"
Publisher's Weekly
"The literary world's Industrial Light & Magic"
Black Static

"Probert comes across like a Mark Kermode you would actually want to have a glass of wine with."
Ginger Nuts of Horror

Welcome to my Website

Hello and welcome to my website, set up with the express purpose of documenting all my activities as a writer in the field of weird & macabre fiction. For those of you who have been wondering, the individual depicted in the picture gracing this homepage is indeed me. The more macabre-minded are advised to keep checking back to see if my ‘jpeg of Dorian Gray’ plan comes to fruition and the image changes - slowly at first, but then more rapidly - as the consequences of a lifestyle I have been enjoying for far too long begin to show their effects while in real life I remain eternally blue-eyed, exuberant, inexhaustible and eternally wearing crushed velvet or some other slightly over-the-top sartorial apparel. Previous visitors to this site will have noticed that it has already started to change, becoming perhaps a little more...wicked?

There’s fair bit to look through here so take your time, perhaps pour yourself a glass of port or absinthe, sip it slowly, and have fun.

Last News Update: 8th September 2019

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